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going to tumblr

i will not be updating this blog anylonger – to stay in touch and receive updates, book mark the new space at…

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Nearly Halloween

Two colours - from a carved block

Two colours - from a carved block

note cards - almost sold out

note cards - almost sold out

The above images are representative of where things are at for me at this point.

The two colour cassettes are from a carved block and printed in a small edition.

The above floral note cards are some of the very first things i designed and printed. Way back when i first acquired my C&P. I think at the time i printed a couple hundred of each, and now i’ve only got a handful of two designs, while the green one is all gone. I have been thinking about creating a small line of note cards, both to keep that momentum alive, and to freshen up what i’ve currently got on offer.

That would be a good project for the fall.

I’ve also got to get a start on my wayzgoose anthology piece – even some early ideas would be lovely. My problem is sometime too many ideas in my head and no idea where to start. This is an issue which i constantly work through – the fruits of which appear here and in the store. Over time they (ideas) do come to fruition. Thankfully!

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Mid-October Inspiration

Listening to Bowie right now – he seems to meet my current mood – somewhat dark and moody – weather related to be sure. It snowed here yesterday and overnight – no real accumulation, but bad for the psyche to say the least. Biking home from work was no fun either, what with the north wind and flurries in my face. 

Hard to believe that it was only this past weekend, saturday to be specific, when i was showing and selling at Art In The Park, the first of what i hope will be an annual event at Millenium Park here in Peterborough. The weather, though a bit cool in the morning, was lovely. The autumn trees were colourful against a bright blue sky and the foot traffic was corresponding good. Talked to many nice people who have never stood at my table and listened to my spiel before. It’s good to reach new people, which can be a challenge in a small town like Peterborough.

Next up for jackson creek press is the annual OCAD Book Arts Fair – Saturday, December 6th. It’s at the Ontario College of Art – McCaul street in Toronto. It’s our 4th time participating and let’s hope the drive into the city is more pleasant than last year – it was icy and hellish to say the least. 

Just handed off 105 more posters to James McKenty of the Spades ( The local band in starting a tour across the country tonight – with a show in Halifax for the Halifax Pop Explosion. Watch for them, along with tour mate Matthew Barber as they make their way west over the next 3 weeks.

The store had a good month in September, as i shipped prints to California, Montreal and Japan. Not too bad eh. Have a look and see what we’ve currently got on offer. Starting fresh on some new pieces which have been stewing in my mind. I hope to have solid results at upcoming shows.

Unless the weather turns warmer, i expect to also start up the space heater, otherwise the shop gets a mite chilly.




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Post ArtsWeek and Onward

This past saturday – Oct 4th, Jackson Creek Press was to be found taking part in our third ArtsWeek Streetfest. The weather forecast, leading up to the day was mediocre at best. On the day it was cool and windy, but the rain that was called for never really materialized. Thankfully.

This year, ArtsWeek coincided with other city wide activities like Doors Open Peterborough and the traditional Head of the Trent rowing regatta. Folks were plentiful as they filled Hunter Street for kids activities, art installations, music and our Focus Fair craft show and sale.

We had about 14 vendors out for the day, and from the folks i spoke to, sales were strong. It was a good day for us, and with the exception of trying to keep my tent from flying away in the periodic gusts of morning wind, I had a great time speaking to lots of new faces.

Next stop for us is in two weeks time – October 18th. Jackson Creek Press will be showing and selling at Art In The Park – a Peterborough Arts Umbrella event at Millenium Park here in downtown Peterborough. We invite you to come by and say hello.

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More images

Here are some more images from current work.

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Where did the summer go?

Forward thinking Canadian Cory Doctorow - check out his Wiki for more information

Forward thinking Canadian Cory Doctorow - check out his Wiki for more information

Well, if you’re like me, you feel like the summer went by in lightening speed.

While we didn’t get our normal quota of canoe tripping in, we did get out for 4 days mid-August and also a couple car camping weekends were fit in there as well. Silent Lake was nice, but i’d have to pass on Bass Lake if asked to go again.

Saw radiohead for the fourth time, and while the show was a bit more mellow than i am used to, i will still in awe throughout the show. Thom Yorke is so enigmatic, and the whole sound this band creates is very compelling. Stood at the foot of the stage at the Toronto show – scored awesome tickets through W.A.S.T.E.

On the printing side, i’ve been pretty busy – i have new prints of Douglas Coupland, Cory Doctorow while helps to fill out my collection of Canadian Icons in Print. Both are quite fun. See pics below.

Also worked up a couple of cool garden based prints – one based on Hosta’s and the other inspired by a lovely white Iris which bloomed in the front yard this year. Also pics below.

I was contacted by a local couple to print invitations/posters for their wedding, which they were having at the Gordon Best Theatre on New Years Eve upcoming. Pics of that will go up here over the next couple days.

Detail of Hosta print

Detail of Hosta print

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What I’ve been up to – Late June 08

First, let me back up a bit, to late April.

Celebrated the 30th Wayzgoose at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery. It was a rousing success, featured 50 some vendors celebrating all things bookish and handmade. It’s really an overwhelming day, everyone with a spring in their step and awesome handmade posters, broadsides, books, cards etc., all for show and sale. Kudos to gallery director Rhona Wenger who, with her team, did an amazing job host this one of a kind event. Cheers!

Since then, i’ve been spending a lot of time, working on my Ben Franklin – Gordon – 8×10 platen press (circa 1890). Cleaned it all up, painted what needed paint and have it in shape to print again. A iron behemoth rises from the rust and dust! I expect to get ink onto it, and make some birthday cards in July. 

I designed and printed a dynamic poster for Peterborough-based rock band The Spades. They are selling it on their merch table as they tour across the country on a 30 plus date tour with Matthew Good. You can see an image of the poster on the spades website:


Yesterday, June 21, i was out showing and selling at 400 Fest – a block party on the 400 block of George Street in downtown Peterborough. I met a lot of nice people, and received some great feedback on my offering of prints, posters and cards. 

Next on the horizon is getting back to the press – i’ve got a couple new blocks started for prints of lily’s and hostas. As well, i have some broadsheets percolating in my brain, that will combine some carved images with lyrics from some of Peterborough’s best songwriters. Also, 2008 Christmas cards are on the horizon for later in the summer. 

thanks for checking in.

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Posters for type and letterpress junkies

Here are a couple of poster i will have for sale at Wayzgoose and Focus Fair.
Fresh off the press and printed in a very tradional way, with a plywood background
printed in two passes of a gradient and wood/lead type printed in a third pass.

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April turns to May

Things are going full bore in the shop. Been making up bookmarks and printing bags and envelopes.
My supplies of letterpress infrastructure have been dwindling of late, and what with Wayzgoose and Focus Fair on the near horizon, i though it best to catch up.

Just took off the plastic from the windows and last night, was actually working with the door ajar. The weather is my good, spring friend.
It’s so nice to not be chilled all the time. Granted, the heater i installed has brought the overall temp up about 10 degrees, it’s still rather
fresh on cold winter nights.

Also, working on a poster for local music group The Spades. It’s a souvenir poster of the spring/summer cross Canada tour.
They are opening for Matthew Good. Check them out at The Spades. It’s going to be cool.
Just carved the block for the main graphic last night – a big tiger head with his tongue hanging out and a “spade” on it. Kinda like an ode
to The Rolling Stones and acid i guess. Anyway, i hope to get the first colour down tonight and over the weekend
and go from there. Three passes likely.

So, two weeks from tomorrow – April 26th to be exact, is the big day – the 30th Annual Wayzgoose at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery.
Check out the website and be sure to come on out and support traditional books, book artists and small press artists from
across Ontario and the Northern States.

Here is the link.Grimsby Public Art Gallery.

Also, Focus Fair picks up steam over the coming weeks, with our first group show and sale since Valentines.
Come on out and see some great local arts and crafts. The show is May 10th, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Here is a link to the PAU for directions and such.

Here is the link.PAU.

I am promising to shoot pics as i work through the spades poster – and will post as they become available.

Hope to see you out at an upcoming event.



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March update – current work

Been busy over the last few weeks. Even with an irritating overly long winter,
i’ve been out in the shop a lot lately. I finished my Wayzgoose anthology
piece and got it into the mail. Never did get good pics of it, but once the finished book
is in my hands i will post some.

Also, just finished a poster for contribution to the Richmond Hill Book Arts Club.
They have organized a collaborative set of broadsides, celebrating the 30th Wayzgoose in Grimsby next month. As a set, the broadsides will be for sale and there as well.

Come on out to The Grimsby Art Gallery on April 26th for a great day celebrating
book arts. More than 40 exhibitors will be present and there is a lot great work to see
from artists who often don’t show their work otherwise.

Here are some pics (below) of the newest broadside, written/designed and printed by me
on my FAG Standard TP550 proof press, using antique wood and lead type. It’s an ode
to one of the greatest graphic designers the world has ever seen.simple.jpgsimple2.jpgsimple3.jpg

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