Posted by: jacksoncreek | January 10, 2007

Sunflowers – printing from a linoblock

Experiencing a learning curve – trying to get a nice print of the sunflower linocut.

Experimenting with bed height, packing, ink, etc. Learning a lot about printing large solids, but clearly i have a lot more to learn. I even notice that where i’ve laid down glue on the mdf, that additional thickness affects the end result. Note the “cross” at the centre of the third image.

It was late last night when i threw in the towel. But know, i will be back at it tomorrow evening…

Any tips would be appreciated.

sunflower lino in the bed - red inkdscn2102.jpgtrial printtrial print 2trial print 3



  1. Awesome, awesome print!

    Thanks for putting these up!

    The Hand Work Press

  2. I am a third grade teacher and I would ask you not to throw away your “not as good as I would like it paper” as I have some little people who could build words with your leftovers.

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