Posted by: jacksoncreek | February 11, 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007 – back in action

Well, i have been active in the shop over the past few days.

It’s midnight, and i just came back into the house. Outside cold is only around -10
so i was able to get shop heat up to about +10c or about +50f, which is perferable for this time of year.

I was inking up some note cards. Put some lovely moss green down earlier in the week,
and finished off with a couple of shades of pink over the last couple of nights.

Valentine cards – featuring a lino cut of a cupid. It’s not sappy like your thinking.
It actually turned out quite well. I can see going back to that cut many times over the coming years. Which is what i hope to do, over time, create an ever-growing family of images/cuts/designs which will allow Jackson Creek Letterpress to have a distinctive look and feel.

I’ve taken a liking to small bits of language, married up with images. I will post pics of the newest pieces, both on here on the blog and on the site (portfolio) over the coming days. I just need brad to reliquish my camera for a few minutes between life events. One week toronto, the next banff, then somewhere in florida! Luck bastard!



  1. Your notion of marrying image and text has a name when you are just a little person learning how to communicate the written. It is called driting, and little kids love to drite. Will look forward to your drites.


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