Posted by: jacksoncreek | February 17, 2007

Yesterday and Today

Spent the last couple of nights setting type for a wedding invitation. It’s for a friend, Becca, whose getting married in June.

I carved a block, with her and Jean’s names. I worked out the type from Cezenne P22 font, and mirror imaged it on the computer, then did a rubbing to the surface of the block – carved it, and voila! It looks quite nice i think.

So, she’s coming by tomorrow to see the type, paper swatch and then it’s up to me to print 50 english and 50 french for the second week of march.

This weekend coming is the first sunday of the Art’s Fair downtown. I am excited and apprehensive at the same time. I hope people come out. I will ride it out for a few weeks and reevaluate in april.

Come on down and see what art’s and crafts are happening in peterborough. See a previous post for details.

Tonight, printing reply cards for Wayzgoose.

more tomorrow.



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