Posted by: jacksoncreek | March 11, 2007

Spring is in the air

Long time, no post.

I have been busy with many things, most of which involves the wedding invitations for Becca and Jean. It’s now sunday afternoon, and other than scoring the cards, and printing 50 french reply cards, it’s a done deal.

I will be complete and ready to mail sometime tomorrow.

I thing the whole project looks great. I am very pleased.
I don’t have a camera right now, (brad’s got it in FLA) so when it comes back, i will take some pics and post them.

The weather is vastly improving over the past few days. Today’s it’s about 4 degrees above zero…the ice is melting. It’s quite a nice change from the frigid days of february and early march.

Next up on the agenda is to re-tackle the sunflower print. Since i’ve re–adjusted the roller height and fixed some packing problems, i should be able to get that going this week.

I will keep posting as progress is made.

Looking forward to the second Focus Fair at Artspace/PAU. Here are the details:
Sunday Mar 25th/07 From 10am-4pm.

Also, i am really looking forward to Wayzgoose. The end of april is fast approaching!


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