Posted by: jacksoncreek | August 3, 2007

First of August – Yikes!

Hey, jeff back with an update. Lots of stuff going down.

Working on a CD package for a local Peterborough band – Weird Weather. It’s going to be sweet. Black paper, opaque white ink and metallic silver ink. I hope to print it sometime in the next 6-7 days. After that, we are going of town for a week. Whenever it’s finished, i will post some pics. Working with Nick Ferrio – from the band. It’s some cool music, and the package is going to do great justice.

Also, had a group of students into the shop this past monday. They were from the Art Conservation course, from Fleming College here in town. I gave them the one-hour rundown. From setting type, to pulling impressions on the FAG. Hopefully i didn’t talk too fast, and that i made sense.

Beginning to work out a lino-cut, which will be my contribution to a colouring book with images from about thirty printmakers from across Canada. The books will be sold to raise money for the Printmaking Department at OCAD and for the Artists’ Health Centre Foundation. I will keep you posted on this project as it unfolds. I will not be posting images until the book appears for sale. I would expect them to be available at the OCAD bookfair in Toronto – end of November/first of December.

Also, planning a print utilizing a nice cut of echinacea which i’ve had around for a while now.
I expect to get to that sometime this week.

Brad and I will be displaying a selling at the Peterborough Folk Festival – the last sunday in August. Please say hello when you pass on by.

I will post again, before we head out to Killarney at the end of next week. The boys are excited about the trip. We are taking a tent trailer – first and last time. It will be great to get out of town, and what better place than the beautiful Killarney in August. I expect the landscape to generate some visual stimulus in my art. Bring it on!




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