Posted by: jacksoncreek | September 3, 2007

In September

In September, the song, has been rolling around in my head for a few days now. It’s by Canadian solo artist Hayden. It’s dark, fatal and renders me silent throughout its playing time.

This is the time of change. Summer is rolling to a very quick end, nights are cooling down,
and days are getting shorter by the minute.

I’ve been enjoying a new Radiohead track for a week or so. Arpeggi. It’s a song the band played live on the ’06 tour, which i did not manage to score tickets for. Blasted Ticketmaster! Check the song out, it’s subtle and lovely.


Last Sunday was a great success. Thanks to everyone who came by to chat and buy. Though we create our work for ourselves, it’s very encouraging to know that others enjoy it too.

I am working on a print of Killarney – A.Y. Jackson Lake to be specific. Did you know Killarney Park, located in Northern Ontario, at the top of Georgian Bay, was a favorite painting spot for Canada’s Group of Seven? They initially stopped the area from being logged, by lobbying Provincial Governments. Thanks to those great artists, The La Cloche Mountains, with their white quartzite tops have been/will be enjoyed in their pristine state for centuries to come.

I am posting a few pics from the trip we took. We had a lovely week, hiking, swimming and canoeing. I highly recommend you all check it out.

Next up for the press is an Open House, the weekend of September 21 – 23. I will have signs up
on Monaghan Road and Parkhill. The press will be inked and i encourage anyone who’s interested to come out and see the shop, turn the press and see our works.

Also, the following weekend, September 29th, we will be showing and selling on Hunter Street here in Peterborough. It’s the street party, which marks the end of Arts Week. I encourage all to come down and have a look, see some theatre, hear some music and get a feel for Peterborough’s arts scene. More soon.



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