Posted by: jacksoncreek | February 24, 2008

End of February Round-Up

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of February. Wow, though it’s been a long, long, very long winter,
spring is on the way.

It’s been a very active winter in the shop, and for a lack of posting, i will give you a window into my activity with a series of pics attached below.

Current work involves a piece of the 30th Wayzgoose Anthology which we are participating in. Pics of that will be posted mid-march, on completion.

Some posters are below – which have been getting some attention on line at the store.
So far, jackson creek prints/posters have shipped all over Canada, the U.S. and to locations in the U.K. and Australia. Thanks to everyone for their support. Keep an eye on us, as we’ve got a lot more up our sleeve.

more in a couple weeks…i promise.
hoot2.jpgseraphic1.jpgpicasso3.jpgpear.jpgsaltandpepper2.jpgFather Film poster - 08


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