Posted by: jacksoncreek | October 22, 2008

Mid-October Inspiration

Listening to Bowie right now – he seems to meet my current mood – somewhat dark and moody – weather related to be sure. It snowed here yesterday and overnight – no real accumulation, but bad for the psyche to say the least. Biking home from work was no fun either, what with the north wind and flurries in my face. 

Hard to believe that it was only this past weekend, saturday to be specific, when i was showing and selling at Art In The Park, the first of what i hope will be an annual event at Millenium Park here in Peterborough. The weather, though a bit cool in the morning, was lovely. The autumn trees were colourful against a bright blue sky and the foot traffic was corresponding good. Talked to many nice people who have never stood at my table and listened to my spiel before. It’s good to reach new people, which can be a challenge in a small town like Peterborough.

Next up for jackson creek press is the annual OCAD Book Arts Fair – Saturday, December 6th. It’s at the Ontario College of Art – McCaul street in Toronto. It’s our 4th time participating and let’s hope the drive into the city is more pleasant than last year – it was icy and hellish to say the least. 

Just handed off 105 more posters to James McKenty of the Spades ( The local band in starting a tour across the country tonight – with a show in Halifax for the Halifax Pop Explosion. Watch for them, along with tour mate Matthew Barber as they make their way west over the next 3 weeks.

The store had a good month in September, as i shipped prints to California, Montreal and Japan. Not too bad eh. Have a look and see what we’ve currently got on offer. Starting fresh on some new pieces which have been stewing in my mind. I hope to have solid results at upcoming shows.

Unless the weather turns warmer, i expect to also start up the space heater, otherwise the shop gets a mite chilly.






  1. You always have such a great display. Good luck in TO!

    p.s. the mister was very happy with his notebook and stopped pouting immediately =)

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