Posted by: jacksoncreek | October 28, 2008

Nearly Halloween

Two colours - from a carved block

Two colours - from a carved block

note cards - almost sold out

note cards - almost sold out

The above images are representative of where things are at for me at this point.

The two colour cassettes are from a carved block and printed in a small edition.

The above floral note cards are some of the very first things i designed and printed. Way back when i first acquired my C&P. I think at the time i printed a couple hundred of each, and now i’ve only got a handful of two designs, while the green one is all gone. I have been thinking about creating a small line of note cards, both to keep that momentum alive, and to freshen up what i’ve currently got on offer.

That would be a good project for the fall.

I’ve also got to get a start on my wayzgoose anthology piece – even some early ideas would be lovely. My problem is sometime too many ideas in my head and no idea where to start. This is an issue which i constantly work through – the fruits of which appear here and in the store. Over time they (ideas) do come to fruition. Thankfully!



  1. LOVE the cassettes. Did you do them in other colours (not that those aren’t perfect and I realise that may be a silly question as I’ve no clue as to what alchemy is involved in your printing press fu).

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